Do you have Cold Feet? Diabetes May Be the cause

Cold feet are often a sign of poor circulation. Do you not hesitate to wear socks to bed even in the heat of summer? You may have poor circulation.


We are not saying cold feet automatically mean that you have poor circulation. Do you want a quick way to check your circulation to your toes? Look at your feet. Are they hairy? Is there some hair around the toe joints? Or do they look like gorilla feet? That’s a sign of good circulation! No hair on those toes? We offer vascular testing at the Mansfield and Mt. Vernon offices.


Many of the patients we see complaining of cold feet and poor circulation are diabetics as well.Those with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are at risk to suffer from chilly feet due to their poor circulation, as well as, diabetic neuropathy.

Neuropathy often includes sharp stabbing pains and numbness, but it can be managed.


  • Always wear shoes! If you can’t feel when you’ve stubbed or your foot or stepped on a needle, you may have a wound and not know it. When there is and undetected wound an infection can develop.
  • Check your feet every day. This goes for all patients with Diabetes. If you do have a wound, you need to detect it as soon as possible and call the office.
  • Choose shoes with a wide toe box and lots of protection. Many insurances cover Diabetic shoes that can be ordered through our offices. They have shoes in a style to meet everyone’s needs. For an appointment call 1-866-953-3519 or input your information on the appointment request page.
  • Finally fulfill that New Year’s resolution and organize your house! Don’t have any obstructions in your way that you could trip over in the night.
  • Apply lotion to the feet daily. Feet with poor circulation and neuropathy are more likely to crack and possibly get infected.

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