17 Ways to Reduce That Foot Stank

Gross!!!! What’s that smell…

Do you suffer from bad foot odor?  Are you embarrassed about the smell or self-conscious taking their shoes?  Fortunately there are many options available to eliminate that stink from your feet and shoes.

Here’s a look at 17 different ways to reduce foot odor:

1. Air out your feet to keep them dry. The most common reason why feet smell is that they get wet (usually with sweat). Air out your feet regularly by removing your shoes and socks when you don’t need them

2. Wear moisture-control socks. There are socks out there that are designed specifically to help keep your feet dry.  If you wear socks and shoes all day and are unable to air your feet out regularly, then it may be smart to invest in these moisture-control socks.

3. Wash with salt. Salt water can help to dry out your skin. Wash your feet in water with Epsom salt to reduce the moisture of your feet and that will reduce their tendency to stink. Soak your feet in a solution of warm salt water. Don’t rinse it off; simply wipe it off with a towel and let your feet dry completely before putting socks on.

  1.  Wash with vinegar. You can also soak your feet in vinegar once or twice a week to reduce the problem. Of course, vinegar stinks too so if you don’t want to smell like you are dyeing Easter eggs you’ll want to do this one at the end of the day. Wash your feet with vinegar, dry them thoroughly, stick them in a pair of socks and go to bed.

5. Wash with green tea or black tea. If you can’t stand the idea of washing your feet in vinegar but you do want to try a foot soak then a good alternative is to soak your feet in tea. Black tea is best although green tea works as well.

  1.  Use a foot scrub. In addition to soaking your feet, you can scrub them to reduce foot odor. This is best done with natural home remedy products that have a strong smell. Ginger, radish and lemon are all good everyday products for creating a foot scrub that will cleanse your feet.  Do this once or twice a week.

7. Dry out your shoes. If you dry out your feet but then stick them inside of sweaty shoes then you’re just going to get smelly feet again right away. Air out your shoes (preferably outside so you don’t stink up the house) before wearing them again. Rotate the shoes that you wear to give that funk plenty of time to air out.

8. Try to find shoes that breathe. You’ll reduce a lot of the foot odor problem if you’re wearing shoes that breathe well instead of shoes that hold all of that moisture in.  Those rubber shoes trap all that moisture and are a recipe for stink.

9. Change out your shoes regularly. Don’t wear the same pair every day because this makes the problem worse. Rotate the shoes that you wear regularly so that you can dry them out naturally between each wearing.

10. Wear socks with your shoes. Wearing shoes without socks causes them to retain sweat which increases the odor in the shoe and in turn your feet. The exception here is with open-toed shoes and sandals which are better off socks-free for maximum aeration of the foot.

11. Apply a foot deodorizer product to your feet or use deodorant. Odor is often reduced when you purchase an over-the-counter foot deodorizer to apply regularly to your feet.  Don’t have a foot deodorizer on hand and your feet stink? Use deodorant. Yes, take the deodorant / anti-perspirant that you wear under your arms and apply it to your feet. The odor should diminish. This is a great quick-fix solution for times when you’re embarrassed about the smell of your feet and want to take care of the issue immediately.

12. Use a deodorizer inside of your shoes. In addition to products that are for your feet, there are deodorizers meant to go into your shoe (powders are the most common type of this product). Corn starch and baking soda are home remedy products that can be used instead. Use these products as needed.

13. Use a benzoyl peroxide gel on your feet daily. This can reduce the bacteria that are causing the problem.  Be careful with benzoyl peroxide because it will ruin colored fabrics.

14. Determine what causes you to sweat and try to reduce the trigger. If you sweat because of stress, do relaxation techniques.  If you sweat because of heat, get a personal fan. If you sweat when working out, take a clean pair of socks and shoes to the gym with you.

15. Get enough zinc. This is one common dietary problem among people with foot odor – they aren’t getting enough zinc in their diets. Check to make sure that you are and start adding to your zinc intake if you’re not. The smell could go away.

16. Wash your feet at least once per day with anti-bacterial soap. The most important thing to do is to keep your feet clean. Some people need to wash their feet two or three times a day to keep the problem under control. Take just a few minutes to do this washing and the problem should clear up.

17. Make sure there isn’t a more serious problem. If you’ve done all of these things and you still have a problem with foot odor then you may have some type of foot disease. Contact us to get it checked out or click here to request an appointment.

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