How To Keep Your Feet Warm While Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Snow, slush, ice!  Your winter boots have to contend with all.  But what do you look for in a pair to help protect your feet from winter’s harshest elements?

If you know you are going to be walking through or standing in a lot of snow, you will definitely want to continue reading to know what to look for in a proper snow boot.

The Correct Height

Snow boots should extend at least above the bottom hem of your pants, and preferably above your ankle to keep snow from getting inside the boot.

Materials to Look For

The uppers, or the top, of snow boots should be made from leather or nylon.  They should also have sealed seams for added protection from moisture.

It is highly recommended that your snow boots a fleece collar, cuff, or a drawstring closure at the top of the boot to help keep snow and cold out.

Many snow boot manufacturers provide temperature ratings for their boots, and specify whether or not they’re for heavy cold weather activity.

The boot should also not be too heavy or bulky.  After all, it’s walking in a winter wonderland, not tiredly trudging in a winter wonderland.

The sole of a snow boot should be made of 100% waterproof material, such as rubber. It should also provide traction to keep you from slipping on the ice.

Waterproof soles and boot bottoms provide protection from wet and cold conditions as well as making cleaning of your snow boots very easy, as they can just be hosed down, or rinsed off.

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